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Welcome to Conserve-A-Watt Lighting, Inc

720 Vallejo Street, Denver, Colorado 80204/ 2327 Decker Lake Blvd, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

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*Look for ALTO products for low mercury, environmentally friendly products*

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LED Lamps and Fixtures

Sign Lamps

Standard, A-Shape Incandescent

sign lamps

Indicator/ Sign Lamps

Inc Reflectors

Incandescent Reflector Lamps

Appliance/ Showcase Tubular Lamps

Decorative Lamps

Decorative Globes

Fluorescent Tubes & U-Bends

Compact Fluorescent Plug-In Lamps

Compact Fluorescent Screw-In Lamps

HalogenTubular Lamps

Halogen MR Lamps

Halogen PAR Lamps

Metal Halide Lamps

High Pressure Sodium Lamps

Mercury Vapor

Low Pressure Sodium

Induction Lamps

Miniature Lamps

Sealed Beams

Specialty Lamps


Sockets/ Lampholders

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Product Categories: 
Ballasts Compact Fluorescents - Plug In
Compact Fluorescents- Screw In Exit Lighting
Fixtures Fluorescent Lamps
G. Miniature/ Sealed Beam Lamps Halogen Lamps
HID - High Intensity Discharge Incandescent Lamps
Induction Lamps L. Sockets
LEDs .. Solid State Lighting M. LCD Projector Lamps
miscellaneous uncategorized Specialty Lamps
>> Ballasts 
Electronic Compact Fluorescent Electronic Fluorescent Dimming
Electronic HID (High IntensityDischarge) Electronic Linear Fluorescent
Emergency Ballasts HID (High Intensity Discharge)
Refridgeration Ballasts Sign Ballasts
>> Compact Fluorescents - Plug In 
PL-C Cluster 2-Pin Fluorescent Lamps PL-C Cluster 4-Pin Fluorescent Lamps
PL-L Long Fluorescent Lamps PL-S Short Fluorescent Lamps
PL-T Triple 4-Pin Fluorescent Lamps 
>> Compact Fluorescents- Screw In 
A Shapes Globes
Outdoor / Covered Reflectors
>> Exit Lighting 
No subcategories found
>> Fixtures 
Dustproof/ Vaportight Troffers
>> Fluorescent Lamps 
Circline Lamps - All Types T12 - All Types
T5 -All Types T8 - 18-36"
T8 - 4' (48") T8 - 60-72"
T8 - 8' (96") T8 - U-Bent
Tough Guarded Lamps 
>> G. Miniature/ Sealed Beam Lamps 
Miniature Lamps Sealed Beam Lamps
>> Halogen Lamps 
A Shape ALR - Aluminum Reflectors
BiPin Low/Line Voltage Capsule Decorative
MR16 MRC11 - GU4
R/BR Reflector Floods T3/T4 Linear
>> HID - High Intensity Discharge 
High Pressure Sodium - All Types Low Pressure Sodium - All Types
Mercury Vapor - All Types Metal Halide - All Types
>> Incandescent Lamps 
3-Way Lamps A Shape - Standard
Decorative Globes
K19 Director Series PS Shape - Long Neck
R/BR - Reflector Floods S Shape- Sign Lamps
T Shape- Tubular Lamps Tough Coated Lamps
Traffic Lamps 
>> Induction Lamps 
No subcategories found
>> L. Sockets 
01. Linear- Sub/Mini BiPin T2/T4/T5 02. Linear- Medium BiPin T8/T10/T12
03. Linear- Slimline 04. Linear- HO/VHO
05. Linear Components & Accessories 06. Compact Fluorescent 2 Pin
07. Compact Fluorescent 4 Pin 08. Compact Fluorescent Accessories
09. Incandescent Lamp Holders 10. Incandescent Accessories
11. HID Lamp Holders 12. Halogen Lamp Holders
>> LEDs .. Solid State Lighting 
A Shape LEDs Decorative LEDs
Downlighting MR16s
PAR Shape LED Lamps R/BR Reflector Floods
T8 LED Tubes Wallpacks and Bollards
>> M. LCD Projector Lamps 
3M Acer
Barco BenQ
Boxlight Canon
Christie Compaq
CTX Dell
Dukane Eiki
Epson Hitachi
IBM Infocus
JVC Mitsubishi
NEC Optoma
Panasonic Philips
Plus Proxima
Sanyo Sharp
Sony Toshiba
>> miscellaneous uncategorized 
No subcategories found
>> Specialty Lamps 
Black Light Blue Lamps Black Lights
Fluorescent with Super Actinic Radiation Germicidal Lamps
High Volt SSTV Halogen Lamps Photo Projection Lamps
Quartz Infrared Heat Lamps Special Blue (Thearapeutic) T12 BiPin
Stage/Studio/TV Lamps