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You searched for: PL-L Long Fluorescent Lamps
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Item IDDescriptionQuantityUnit Size
345009 PL-L 18W/830/4P
18W PL-L 3000K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:15000 InLumens:1250 CRI:82 MOL(in):8 15/16"1
359323 PL-L 18W/835/4P
18W PL-L 3500K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:15000 InLumens:1250 CRI:82 MOL(in):8 15/16"1
345017 PL-L 18W/841/4P
18W PL-L 4100K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:15000 InLumens:1250 CRI:82 MOL(in):8 15/16"1
345058 PL-L 24W/830/4P
24W PL-L 3000K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:15000 InLumens:1800 CRI:82 MOL(in):12 11/16"1
359331 PL-L 24W/835/4P
24W PL-L 3500K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:15000 InLumens:1800 CRI:82 MOL(in):12 11/16"1
345082 PL-L 24W/841/4P
24W PL-L 4100K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:15000 InLumens:1800 CRI:82 MOL(in):12 11/16"1
209130 PL-L 40W/830/XEW/4P
25W PL-L 3000K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:24000 InLumens:2600 CRI:82 MOL(in):22 1/2"1
209148 PL-L 40W/835/XEW/4P
25W PL-L 3500K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:24000 InLumens:2600 CRI:82 MOL(in):22 1/2"1
209155 PL-L 40W/841/XEW/4P
25W PL-L 4100K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:24000 InLumens:2600 CRI:82 MOL(in):22 1/2"1
345116 PL-L 36W/830/4P
36W PL-L 3000K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:15000 InLumens:2900 CRI:82 MOL(in):16 7/16"1
349423 PL-L 36W/835/4P
36W PL-L 3500K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:15000 InLumens:2900 CRI:82 MOL(in):16 7/16"1
345132 PL-L 36W/841/4P
36W PL-L 4100K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:15000 InLumens:2900 CRI:82 MOL(in):16 7/16"1
300426 PL-L 40W/830/4P/RS/
40W PL-L 3000K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:20000 InLumens:3300 CRI:82 MOL(in):22 1/2"1
300434 PL-L 40W/835/4P/RS/
40W PL-L 3500K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:20000 InLumens:3300 CRI:82 MOL(in):22 1/2"1
300442 PL-L 40W/841/4P/RS/
40W PL-L 4100K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:20000 InLumens:3300 CRI:82 MOL(in):22 1/2"1
347476 PL-L 50W/830/4P/RS/
50W PL-L 3000K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:20000 InLumens:4300 CRI:82 MOL(in):22 1/2"1
347534 PL-L 50W/835/4P/RS/
50W PL-L 3500K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:20000 InLumens:4300 CRI:82 MOL(in):22 1/2"1
347708 PL-L 50W/841/4P/RS/
50W PL-L 4100K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:20000 InLumens:4300 CRI:82 MOL(in):22 1/2"1
138446 PL-L 55W/950/4P/RS
55W PL-L 5000K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:20000 InLumens:3650 CRI:91 MOL(in):21 3/8"1
386987 PL-L 80W/835/4P
80W PL-L 3500K 2G11 Base25/Cs AvgHrs:20000 InLumens:6000 CRI:82 MOL(in):22 1/2"1
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