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*Look for ALTO products for low mercury, environmentally friendly products*

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Item IDDescriptionQuantityUnit Size
214866 BC-Helix EL/3W
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11-28-42W Twister 2700K 50-100-150W Equiv 6/ AvgHrs:10000 InLumens:700-1500 Twist. 3-Way Double Helix1
408559 BC-EL/mdT2 13W
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13W T2 Twister 2700K 60W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:840 Mini Twister Soft White1
413996 EL/mdT2 13W
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13W Twister 2700K 60W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:10000 InLumens:900 Twister Soft White1
414037 EL/mdT2 13W 41K
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13W Twister 4100K 60W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:900 Twister Cool White1
408567 BC-EL/mdT2 18W
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18W T2 Twister 2700K 75W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:1250 Mini Twister Soft White1
414003 EL/mdT2 18W
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18W Twister 2700K 75W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:1250 Twister Soft White1
130773 SLS20
20W SLS 2700K 75W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:15000 InLumens:1200 SLS Universal Triple Tube1
TCP 801023
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414060 EL/mdT 23W 41K
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23W T2 MINI SPIRAL 4100K 100W EQUIV. 6/CS AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:1600 Mini Twister Cool White1
408575 BC-EL/mdT2 23W
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23W T2 Twister 2700K 100W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:1600 Mini Twister Soft White1
414011 EL/mdT2 23W
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23W Twister 2700K 100W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:1600 Twister Soft White1
135749 SLS 25
25W SLS 2700K 100W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:15000 InLumens:1750 SLS Universal Triple Tube1
32W Twister 2700K 125W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:2400 Twister Soft White1
139485 EL/DT 42W
42W Twister 2700K 150W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:2800 Twister Soft White1
147926 EL/MDT 5W
5W Twister 2700K 25W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:315 Twister Soft White1
413988 EL/mdT2 9W
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9W T2 Twister 2700K 40W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:500 Mini Twister Soft White1
408542 BC-EL/mdT2 9w
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SBC-EL/mdTQ 9W T2 6/1 40W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:500 Mini Twister Soft White1
SLS 14W 6 /1 60W Equiv 6/Cs AvgHrs:12000 InLumens:860 SLS Universal Triple Tube1
211938 EL/3W 11-23-34
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Three way twist 11w 23w 34w 6/Cs AvgHrs:10000 InLumens:700-1500 Twist. 3-Way Double Helix1